Penny Posted!

It has been a little long, Penny was spayed and ready to be adopted two months ago, but I have been hanging on to this little sweetie.  The main reason is that Penelope still isn’t as well trained as I’d like.  The reason for that is the second reason we haven’t been actively searching for an adopter as hard as we could, which is that I am super overworked and overwhelmed right now.  But regardless of the progress we have made, its time for Penelope to find her new family.  

She is on Criagslist and soon will be on pet finder as well:

From the Craigslist post: 

 This little girl needs a best friend (West Philly)

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This is Penelope, the sweetest little girl in the neighborhood! She is a 1 year old pit-bull/terrier mix currently in foster care in West Philly and looking for a new adoptive home and best friend!

She weighs only 42 pounds which is the perfect size for any house or apartment! We call her a pocket sized pitty. She is crate trained, but still learning to be house trained. She would do best in a house with a yard or easy access to a bathroom spot regularly. She is extremely affectionate and wants to love you all day! While she does have a foster brother, she has some issues sharing with him and would probably be happiest in a home where she is the only furry member. 

She is smart and friendly. She wants to please but has a hard time showing self-restraint. She would love to continue her training with an adoptive family, preferably who has experience with energetic dogs, as this little one is bursting with energy and needs to get out and play. Once he’s tired out, he’ll fall asleep peacefully at your feet after showering you with puppy kisses!

As she is a foster through the ACCT, a rehoming fee of $50 required of any well-screened, potential adopter.

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